Pure Old School Gaming Goodness...  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Ladies and gentlemen, I have stumbled upon a true treasure. If you are anywhere near my age, you remember the days of the original Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Well, I have a gift for you this day, www.everyvideogame.com. This site has about 1100 old school games, from Mike Tysons punch out to Tecmo Bowl and everything in between. You can play all 1100 games with no registration. They are the same games you remember, not cheap rip offs. So please do yourself a favor and enjoy. Put on your slap bracelets, tie those bandannas around your pants leg and yell SIKE!!!...Anthony

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Do you remember Contra and Super Mario 3 and 4? Those were the best Nintendo games. Haha that seems ages ago. I was in grade school when that came out.

the unknown artis  

Forget Nintendo! I remember Atari!! I hope that doesn't mean I'm old! But that website sounds cool. I saw a video game at the mall that had all of the old Nintendo games on it. It was like 30 bucks. But I like the sound of free better!


Atari was still mostly blocks and like 6 pixels for a human figure. Going back to an Atari game is like Chinese water torture. I think 8 bit graphics were the beginning of what gaming is today. Yet, I do have fond memories of playing "Combat". It was on Atari game in which you pick your vehicle (planes, tanks, boats, etc.) and chase around your friend to blast them. A tank was made up of about 8 blocks. I was about 9 or 10 playing Atari then Nintendo came out in about 1986.

Ok, now this is just awesome!! You are the man...I'm getting Tristan in here right now to check this out!