Friday Night  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Well, I finally got my Xbox 360 sent off for repair. After a little research, turns out that the big problem with them is the lead free solder . It doesn't hold in high temperature situations. With the triple processor you get a load of heat. Also, I found out you should never use a surge protector with a 360. It causes a power drain on the processors that also add to the heat. One more tip, the after market fans you can get only make the power drain problem worse. And it sounds like the Blu Ray is gonna beat out HD-DVD. So in a while, Microsoft will probably go to this format. Good day at the post office, got home early and crashed for an hour. I feel pretty good now. Elijah is watching the Incredibles. He has had a pretty good day today and no waking up last night with seizures. The girl that Kristy met working at a gas station has sent us another letter. She seems super nice and some people I work with know her and her family. She has similar problems as Elijah. I'll let Kristy blog the details. While working at Smith Lake the other day, I saw a deer swim across the lake to get away from some dogs. Pretty cool. I guess I'm out for now....Anthony

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