I Have A Testimony!  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Actually, I have a couple of things I wanted to mention today that I am really excited about. A couple of weeks ago we had one of those crazy, awesome services (again!) and Sis. Kyle from FL was there. Bro. Wilbanks called her up and prayed for a financial blessing for their church. They are in a building program, too. Well, while the church was praying for her I felt the Holy Ghost urging me to give her the $50 bill I had tucked away in my billfold. (It was birthday money that I hadn't spent yet :) ) In my mind I was struggling because $50 doesn't seem like a lot when we are talking about a building fund, but I decided to trust God and see what happened. After church I gave it to her and spoke faith. She thanked me and told me that she would take it home and put it in the building fund. Last night at church, Sis. Becky, who is her mother, told me that you would've thought I gave her a million dollars! She was so excited, which makes me excited! The next Sunday at her church the entire church prayed over that money and by the next Sunday someone gave them a check for $10,000!!!!! She said she was able to do so much with that money, including helping a family who just got evicted from their house! God is so Awesome, isn't He!!!!

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