Hello from Kristy  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Hey Everyone! I sent an email out to several people today inviting them to come visit, so if you are one of those people, thanks for stopping by! As I mentioned in the email, we can't seem to find a setting to allow comments. We have scoured the settings pages over and over, but can't figure out what we are missing. So, if you have an idea, please let us know. You can just email me :) Like I mentioned in the very first posting, we have never done this before and I hope we don't sound too silly, but we will probably just talk about whatever is on our minds from day to day. We may even let the kids leave messages, as well. I would like to keep putting pictures on here to keep everyone updated with the kids, too. I guess that means that I will actually have to use my camera! My camera is one of those gadgets that you've got to have, but when you get it, you hardly ever use it! Maybe that will change now. Thanks to VondeLeigh for giving me the idea to even start a blog. I, personally, am not too computer savvy, it's Anthony who is the geek. Surprisingly, this was super easy to set up and I am really excited! I am really big on the feed back. I really want to hear from you all! This could be lots of fun! Don't forget to check out my new Stampin' Up! website, too! It's one of the links in Places to Visit. It's a brand new site, too. So, check often, just-in-case I actually add new content! -Kristy

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