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Seems like everyone is excited about blogs the last couple weeks. Sis Von you have really started something. It's kind of therapeutic for me to post. We are really enjoying all the feedback we are getting. Please leave us a comment by clicking on the time stamp right under each post. Our hit counter is running up faster than I would have expected. Everyone check back often for more posts. Ted is excited about the positive feedback for his portion. (Elijah Update) Elijah hit a rough couple of days but seems to be coming out of it fast. He had a few seizures but seems to not have bottomed out. (Gamer Update) I received notice that my Xbox 360 is repaired, and on its way back. I just have to have Kristy home to sign for it. Intel is supposed to be releasing a new processor that they have spent a billion dollars developing. It is supposed to be faster and run cooler that any chip on the market to date. This should push them past AMD in the processor race. Also, I haven't had much input on the contest yet so get it in Star Wars nerdz. (Ted Update) It was good getting back to the compound this week. Vacations are fun, but it is always good to get home. After reviewing the surveillance tapes seems like one guy was peeping through the fence when Roscoe scared the stuff out of him. I love that. Roscoe is my Doberman. Living in a bad part of town means having a good security plan. Since 'Nam I have been tinkering with the right set up for optimal security. Trip wires are very efficient but you have to remember that you have pets around. (what a mess) Also, the local boys in blue don't like to hear explosions or gunfire. East Roebuck used to be a very nice area, but now I have to be very diligent about keeping a safe environment. Even though it's just me here (and Roscoe) I live very happily cleaning my guns and watching QVC. I also like reality shows like Dancing with the Stars and Lost. I spend most of my off time in the Bunker. Especially in the summer time, it's much cooler. (Anthony) Well, I hope to post more of Ted's email soon. Hope ya'll enjoy it so far....Anthony

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