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Posted by AnthonyAlex

I have been working on the blog tonight, and I got a counter going. Also you can now leave comments by clicking on the time link just under each posting. Or you can click on the mail icon to send the post straight to us through email. I hope to have it more clear with a little work. I had a long day at the post office today. But, I hope to have my friend Ted from the Woodlawn Post Office leave a post here or there on the blog to help me out. Ted is a little eccentric, but I think everyone will find his insights fascinating. More to come on that front. Elijah has had a great couple days. He still seems a little shaky, but I think it is the Phenobarb causing that. I would like to thank all the folks that have been praying for us. It really strengthens us to have your support. We need that connection to each other. No update on the fate of my Xbox 360 yet, but it has made it to Texas for repair. I borrowed Bo's old Xbox to get me through. (heh heh) I hope to be leaving tips for console gaming, computer repair/upkeep, and general geek knowledge. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away, I love that stuff. To this end, I would like to throw down the gauntlet. I would like to see who can name the most Star Wars planets. This was a topic at our friends house, while playing Rook, that caused a stir. Please no internet searches, lets play fair. I can crank out about 20. Well, enough rambling for now. Peace Out...Anthony

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Heeeeeeyyyyyyyy, welcome aboard. I tried to email you but every time I clicked on your profile's email my computer would try to log on to aol and we don't have an aol account. Anyway... glad to see you've got it figured out. =)

Go to "customize" page and click on "settings". Once there click on "comments". There it will give you many options about visitor's posting comments. Hope that helps. You can delete this message if you like.

The Alexanders  

Hey Von,
Thanks for checking out our blog and for giving us the idea in the first place! As far as that aol thing goes on your computer, it's probably just a setting that needs to be changed. Don't ask me how, though! Ha!