Introducing Ted Blotsky  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

The following is a short excerpt from an email sent to me from Ted Blotsky. He is a long time friend from Birmingham. I met him years ago when I worked in Woodlawn. He is a postal employee at the Woodlawn Post Office. Ted is about 57 and lives in the heart of Birmingham in an old area. I have only been to his house twice. It is an older home but has upgraded the landscaping and security. Ted will be sending me correspondence for me to post. -Anthony- -Ted- I just got back from my vacation to Disney World. It is a little troubling to see all the people dressed up as animals. I have spent most of my life as an avid hunter and feel like this is some type of revenge. Also I have Sinophobia (look it up) so most trips to amusement parks leave me troubled. The trip down was like a Creek Indian death march. A 19 hour bus ride isn't any fun even watching snuff films and filling out Mad Libs. Some old lady kept looking at me. And my continual use of wet wipes seemed to disturb the driver. -Anthony- That is only a short excerpt but as you can see Ted sees the world a little different. I hope to update soon with more of his email...bye for now...Anthony

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HAHAHA!! This guys is hilarious. I did look up sinophobia. This guy's a character himself. I bet your days fly by with him around.