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Hey Everyone! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. I have several things I want to talk about still so keep coming back! Were any of you out there ever Brownies, Girl Scouts, or Boy Scouts? I know I was for a short time. I don't remember everything, but I do have a few fond memories of it. I remember going to meetings and getting pins and badges for my accomplishments and there was some ceremony where we had to walk over a bridge and graduate from Brownies to Girl Scouts. I also remember that we always had some fun activity to do and one in particular was also a contest. We had to get these little plastic dolls and make an outfit for them. Whoever had the best/most creative outfit won the prize. My mom, who sewed a lot back then, made this cute little frilly dress with different colors of pastel lace and I knew for sure I was going to win. I was so disappointed when they announced that the doll with the dress made of leaves was the winner. How could they think that was better than frilly ruffles?! Well, I guess I got over it pretty quickly! I don't even remember who owned the doll with the leaf dress. I think programs like that are fun for kids and teach them skills and they also get a sense of accomplishment when they earn their badges. Sis. Kimi Wisener has started up a similar group with the kids at our church. She actually did this with her oldest daughter, Camille, several years ago and is now continuing it with her other children, as well. She has been kind enough to let all of us join in and be apart of it too! I have had lots of fun and I know Madison has too! She loves getting a new badge or pin. We call it Keepers and Contenders. The girls are Keepers of the Home and the Boys are Contenders of the Faith. Bro. Grant has begun teaching the boys and you can tell they really enjoy that. Like I said before, this is really similar to Girl/Boy Scouts, only it is more focused on biblical principles as well as learning life skills. I don't pay as close attention to the boys as I have the girls because I am usually over helping with the girls and it's so much fun! I do know the boys have collected different types of leaves, an experiment with electricity and tying knots with rope! The girls have learned some sewing skills, rubber stamping, candle making, stenciling, letter writing, and last night we did watercolor painting! Those are just what come to mind right now. I'm sure there's more... Anyway, I enjoy it just as much as Madison does and we get to be together a little bit without the boys :) It's good mommy/daughter time. Well, if any of you out there have any Girl/Boy Scout memories give us a holler! It would be fun to hear them! ~Kristy

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I remember graduating from Brownies to the big 'Girl Scouts'. It was such fun time. One of my fondest school memories.

I'm so glad you and Madison come and have fun too. I am looking forward to next time...we are going to do "Cake Decorating"!! Then we get to eat the treat!

Oooooooo Sis.Kimmie can I come too??? lol