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Several years ago, I think it was not long after I got married, Sis. Kim Biscotto introduced Stampin' Up! to all of us! She signed up and started parties and I immediately loved it. (For those of you who don't know, Stampin' Up! is a direct sales company similar to Home Interior, Pampered Chef, and Avon. They sell rubber stamps and all paper and accessories to go with it for making scrapbook pages, cards, and all kinds of other projects! It's so much fun! Check it out at!) Now here we are in 2008 and I am have been a demo for two and a half years, and I really enjoy it! It's like coloring and crafts for grown-ups! HaHa! I know Anthony thinks I'm crazy, but he has his video games! Well, for the last couple of years we have had a little club going and everyone takes their turn at getting some free stuff and it's been lots of fun. I also started doing Stamp Classes lately (for a small fee) and they come and do a 2-pg layout and a card. I've done it twice now and both times have went well. One of the ladies that attended my first class called and asked if I would come do the same thing at a hotel tomorrow where her and seven or eight friends are getting together to scrapbook all day! Doesn't that sound fun?! So, I am really excited to do this. I think they will really like the page we are going to do too! I will probably post a picture of it later. The one I am doing tomorrow is the same as the one I did with my class last weekend, I am just going to change the colors, because I ran out of the color of paper we used last week. I'll talk more about it when I post the pics, though :). The scrapbook page featured here is one that Morgan (my sis-in-law) and I did together a while back. It is just the one page, for now, but I do have an idea for a second page to go along with it....Just keep checking back...and I hope you enjoy it!! ~Kristy

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That's really a beautiful page. I wish I could do this stuff!! I think I'm overwhelmed with where to even start. I wanted to do one for my mom and dad's wedding pics and the first few years of marriage and I didn't get very far because I just couldn't organize it in my mind. Ahhhh... maybe I should just bring the pics back to AL and have you do it for me. haha

This page is one of my favorites! You'll have to tell me your idea for the second page. I need to start actually putting these in a scrapbook!!

Kristy Alexander  

Hey Morgan and Von!

Von, by-the-way, you can do it! I can help!

Morgan, ask me when you come over tomorrow and I will tell!


Yes, she can help! Kristy is very good at it. We always have fun and I really miss coming to the Stampin' parties. I hope to start back soon. I really like getting together with everyone. It's kind of like ME time. :)

Hey Kimi, I miss you coming too! We are back on scrapbooking, you may want to be there this time. We are starting a calendar scrapbook! It's going to be lots of fun! Plus, it's Sale-A-Bration time...order $50 and get a free set! WooHoo!