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I have gotten some response on Elijah's condition in our comments. When we began this journey with Elijah having seizures we prayerfully and with our pastor's advice started him on an anti-seizure drug. We took this VERY seriously. We knew that starting him on this medicine meant that our child would have to daily take this drug. None of us are on any kind of regular medicine and we didn't like the idea. But, our pastor is a diabetic and we understood that sometimes God allows things like this for reasons we don't always understand. We got a comment here on our blog seeming to ask if we allowed treatment from doctors or if we were only using prayer. We believe that God sometimes uses doctors and drugs for healing, and sometimes it's miraculous and instantaneous. But either way without God the healing doesn't occur. I have personally had God intervene in my body to heal me. About 3 years ago I started having migraine headaches. For those of you that haven't had one, they are not just more intense regular headaches. It started during a time of great stress for me. One day, I lost my peripheral vision. I couldn't read. I recognized letters but no words made sense. I took a pile of different pills to get the pain to lessen, but got no relief. I could only bury my head under a pillow in a dark room and wait for it to pass. I thought I must have a brain tumor or something! I went and got scanned but they found nothing and told me it was a migraine. I continued to work and would feel one coming on. It would incapacitate me. After a couple weeks of these events, I was at church doing the sound on the platform and my pastor was coming up to the platform to preach. I had my back to him and had my hands lifted praising God. Bro. Wilbanks came up behind me and placed both hands on the sides of my head. I literally felt like I was struck by a lightning bolt! My wife said I spun around like a tornado and then went down. A few minutes later Bro. Wilbanks asked me if something happened to me. I said "OH YEAH". That was the last time I ever had a migraine. Also, I had been taking Prilosec for a stomach ulcer that went away the same moment. The ulcer had gotten so bad that I had even starting having blood in my stool. (sorry) He didn't even know about the ulcer. So with all that said, yes we do believe in both kinds of healing. Elijah has been on about 8 different kinds of medicine, and up to 5 of them at once. None of them stopped the seizures. He has had a pile of all kinds of tests to check for tumors or anything else, all coming back negative. The only relief he has gotten is when we started limiting his white sugar, white flour and dairy. Since then we have only looked forward to the time when God ends this. In one service, three different people came up to us and said that God told them the work was done. So we know God has healed him. And maybe this blog is a way that God can get the glory when this healing is manifested. So, I would like to tell all of you that I thank God for Elijah's healing. I haven't seen it in our time yet but I know in eternity "It is finished".....Anthony

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We don't always see God's where's, why's, when's, and how's but we do know that "all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose." Elijah is such a sweet and precious boy. He came up to me the other night and gave me a hug when I was standing next to his Grandma talking, and then immediately he turned to her and gave her a hug. What a sweet child. I was talking to God the other day about the subject of healing and it just hit me so strong.. Jesus' stripes were not ripped through His flesh in vein, but they were for Elijah's healing.. and for Sis.McGruder's and Briana Hoffer's. God is faithful. After Bro.Story talked about the authority that we should be possessing as "sons" I spoke healing for these needs. And you know what? I believe that "It is finished" too Anthony. I don't know how, when, why, where, or how but God didn't go through all that bloodshed and pain just for the gore of it... he did it for our healing!!!!!! I speak healing!!

Thanks for your uplifting comments and words of faith, Von. We really appreciate you and your walk with God. We believe!