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Well, as some of you might know, I have started a new job. I am working with Stephens Heating and Cooling at the Alabama Power Miller Steam Plant in West Jefferson. I would like to thank my uncle, Rick Alexander, for the good word. (and Bo) I go in a little after 6:00am and work on various HVAC units. We mostly change filters in very large units. Some of them take 50 filters per change. This job is Monday through Friday day shift mostly, but on occasion I will have to work at night or evening to do special projects. Most of the readers of this blog know my Uncle Rick. He can be a bit stoic, but has a big heart. 3 years ago, he was on his way to work one day and was hit by a kid, head on, while traveling on highway 160 in Hayden. On this day his life changed. He went from having a super job with Alabama Power to fighting to heal from a major accident. He has had a few surgeries to repair his leg since then and has walked with a cane. This, after months in a hospital bed and wheelchair. When I think of this, it reminds me how quickly your life can change. In the blink of an eye, through no fault of your own, you can have your life as you know it taken away. Everyone out at the plant says "Oh, you're Big Rick's nephew?". Everybody at the plant likes him and has only good words to say about him. They all ask how he is and if he will get to return to work one day. It is nice that I immediately have a connection with a ton of people through him. I have seen him be used in the gifts of the Spirit a few times and I know God has given him favor in his life. I'm not sure why accidents like his happen to the people of God sometimes, but I know that it is all for good. I am praying for his physical restoration, but above that I pray that he will be able to use his tremendous influence for the kingdom of God. With so many people thinking so highly of him, I know he could make a huge difference in a lot of lives. Please, if you would, take a moment upon reading this to say a small prayer for his healing. And pray that God will use this man in the future even more than his past....Anthony

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How AWESOME Bro Anthony!! God is sooo powerful and we believe he placed you there for his glorious purpose and has equipped you to fulfill it!! In Jesus Name!
We love you guys~Grant and Kimi

Being a nurse in the Operating Room I am completely aware of how fast you life can FOREVER be changed. It just goes to reinforce that "We are not our own" and God has complete control. I was working the night Bro. Rick was brought in. Even though I see this stuff all of the time sometimes you put up a block and forget that you and your friends are not immune to the trappings of the world, mentally, physically, and spiritually. That night I was quickly reminded.

Congratulations in your Job!!!
Have a great day!!~ Michelle

Stephanie Egan  

I am proud of you Anthony. I appreciate all that you have said about my Dad. That day changed all of our lives, in what I believe, for the better. Many people do not realize what a positive or negative influence that they can have on every one they come in contact with. You are able to see the impact that Daddy has had on his coworkers. At the time I did not understand why this was happening to our family. As time goes on, more amd more good comes out of this. I believe with all of my heart that God will completly heal Daddy. Then all of the coworkers, doctors, nurses, family members, church people, etc. that my Dad has come in contact with will be reminded of God's awesome power, glory and grace. To God be the glory. I love you! Stephanie

David Brazeel  

Man that is awesome. I just caught up on all of your blogs by the way! I love Ted!