Madison's Boo Boo  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Hey everybody! It has been so long since I've updated the I have tons of stuff to put on here. Mostly a bunch of pictures of the past month or so...I thought about just putting them all under one post, but I think there are way too many. So just keep checking back as I add new stuff! I thought I would start out with these pictures of Madison. She fell off of a swing and scraped up her face really bad one day at the end of school. When asking her how it happened I just assumed she was swinging really high like she usually tries to do. She told me that she was on one of the shortest swings and wasn't swinging at all, just sitting there! Somehow her hand slipped off of the chain and she landed face first in the dirt! Ouch! I couldn't believe how fat her lip was! I guess she's just trying to keep up with Elijah and all his boo boos! :) This happened about two weeks ago and is still not completely healed up, almost though. ~ Kristy

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