Hiking at Hurricane Creek Park  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Back in April the Keepers and Contenders group went to Hurricane Creek Park and went on a hike! It was really fun and the kids did an awesome job! They were climbing like pros. Even Elijah kept up with everyone. We ended up hiking a total of three miles! Wow! Madison stayed in the very front with all of the little girls, they were the leaders of the pack! We went up and down some steep steps, went through and extremely dark and narrow tunnel, squeezed between rocks, enjoyed the beautiful view of a waterfall, then later cooled off underneath a waterfall, relaxed in a huge cave, walked over narrow bridges, and had a blast! I really enjoyed it! We went at the perfect time of year, too. The weather was warm and breezy, not too hot or humid yet ! I thought how pretty it would be to go again in the fall when all the trees are changing colors....wouldn't that be gorgeous! Well here are tons of pictures. Hope you enjoy! ~Kristy

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To the Lady Of The House, If we get a chance to visit this summer I'm going to have to get you to show me how you got this format. I love the layout of your blog. It looks like y'all are doing fine...same here. Love & Prayers

Hey Moriah!

It is really easy. There are several sites out there that have free templates for your blog and that is where we got it. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the red "levi's" tab (it's at the bottom left, all the way down), click on it and it will take you to the site where we got this design and just follow the instructions. If you need help give us a holler! The one on my stamp blog is from a different place, but the same idea. The logo is at the bottom of the page and you just click. Thanks for visiting!


Dear Madison,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I usually post every Saturday or Sunday. Feel free to tell me about some good books you have read.
Yours Truly,

Hey Kristy,

Thanks for posting on my blog and for the welcome! I always love having a new blog to check out. =)

Wow! you really did get some good pics. Maybe you could transfer some for me to put into our book. You got some I didn't get.

We did have a great time, didn't we?! I wish we could go again soon, but it's a bit too humid now. Hopefully in the fall.

~love you, kimi