Graduation and end of year Ceremony  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Thursday was the last of school for the year and Sunday was graduation for Danny Bittler (Senior) and Nathan Morgan, T.C. Best, Grant Pullen, and Jordan Johnson ( Kindergarten). Congratulations and good luck to them and to Amber Taylor and Paul Caruso, who graduated from area public schools! Every year each grade gets up and does a little something special to show what they learned during the year and it is always fun to watch. Most classes quote a whole chapter from the Bible together-it is really impressive! Some quoted the Gettysburg Address, the Rights of Americans, poems etc...They all did such a good job. Bro. Pullen was the speaker and he had a great word for the graduate (really, his message would apply to anyone) ..."Achievement." Well, here are some pictures from the ceremony. I know some pics look a little funny because it was dark in the room and my flash is weird, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

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HEY!! I missed seeing you at the picnic!! We got there a little late!! Its the story of my life!! HAHA! hope all is well wtih the family!!! Take care!!

Man, I know Bro. Pullen did an awesome job!