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Hey Everybody! I guess I need to FINALLY update my blog! I have tons of pictures I was gonna put on here way before now from the Sunday School picnic and some other miscellaneous stuff. I probably will still do that later. Now I don't have a whole lot of time. It is early and I'm about to leave to go to Hobby Lobby for a class. I have one today and in two weeks. As for what's been going on with us...not much, it's summer! Anthony takes my Jeep to work everyday now to save on gas, so we usually just sit at the house all day! He gets Friday's off sometimes and that's nice. Also on Friday's, I've been taking Madison to the library for the Summer Reading Program. She is really enjoying that! There is a contest where you write down all the books you've read and I'm hoping she will win, because she's been reading up a storm! You should see the amount of books we checked out! Elijah's been pretty good lately. One of his Sunday School teachers was telling me this week how much better he's doing in class. When he first got on all that medicine it seemed to make him a little slow to understand and follow instructions. That, and being new to this class took him a little while to get the hang of it, but now he really pays attention, gets in on the activities, and interacts with the story. I thank God for all of the progress! He has a Dr. Appt. this Monday, so please say a prayer for a good report! Anthony enjoys his new job pretty well, but really needs a raise! Ya'll please pray for his boss :) I EXPECT.....!!! Well, I guess that's all for now! Gotta go see if I can round up some stampers! Only two signed up and when I called them last night one of them said she couldn't make it after all :( The other one wasn't home, so I hope she still shows up! If not, I am going to go stalk people in th scrapbooking section! Maybe I'll get a few takers!! Have A Good Weekend! ~Kristy

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The Golden 2  

Hi Kristy!
I was glad to see a new post on your blog :0) I check yours everytime I update mine. I'll be agreeing with you in prayer about that raise.
Love ya,
Rachel G.