After Glow  

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We had two AWESOME services yesterday! WOW! Bro. Wilbanks made a comment from the pulpit last night that it feels like we are already at the "new place." Anthony and I were discussing this on the way home last night and we both agree! Anthony was telling me that as we prayed at the new church Tuesday night it just felt different and it was kind of hard to explain, but when Bro. Wilbanks made that comment last night, that is when he really realized what it was he was feeling! If I had to describe what we were feeling yesterday, I would say a sweet, worshipful, glorious spirit was in the house! That probably doesn't quite give it justice, but I never have claimed to be good with words :) ! It all started in the morning service, Bro. Jeremy didn't even preach. I ended up in the nursery yesterday, so I missed out on the actual service, but I could tell something good was going on. When I came out there was a group of ladies at the altar praying for Sis. Wilbanks and you could just feel the power as they prayed. There were a few other ladies like me that missed the service, due to Sunday School, but we didn't want to be left out so we eventually just joined in! Sis. Wilbanks and Sis. JoAnn Miller ended up praying and anointing every lady there and praying specific prayers for us all! I really didn't want to leave! I could see us all staying there and praying until we just passed out! But at the end Sis. Holly shared a vision God had given her and Sis. Bridget shared that she had a similar vision just before Sis. Holly shared hers! God has a neat way of confirming things, doesn't He? Sis. Christy Best shared a testimony with us about God taking bitterness away and loving where there used to be hate and anger! Before God showed this to her she didn't even realize it was there, but when she surrendured to Him, He lifted the burden off of her! He gave her such a revelation about the situation! It really is Awesome! Now on to the evening service...It all started like a normal service (if you can call any of our services normal! Haha!), but when the choir sang a song about "the name of Jesus" such a sweet, worshipful, spirit came into the room, again, and all I can say is WOW! Bro. Isaacson had been teaching the praise singers this new song, but felt the choir needed to sing it last night due to what had happened that morning. Sis Von de Leigh sang the solo and did a fabulous job! She is just so talented with her voice and music, but she has such a purity about her that when she sings you can feel the anointing pouring out of her! It truly is more than just the fact that she sounds good, but that she loves God and allows Him to use her! Then when it was time for the preaching of THE WORD, Bro. Wilbanks preached about "Divine Revelation." I truly want God to reveal Himself to me! Do you? ~Kristy

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Hey Sister!
Praise the Lord :) Yes, It was an awesome day at church :)

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Hey! I just reread your comment on my blog - sorry I'm just getting back to you!

Yes, I will definitely be at ARC. I can't believe it's next week! I know it is going to be absolutely amazing. I'm super pumped! Alabama is going to know what hit. =)

P.S. The post above was me - I posted under the wrong name so I deleted it. =)