Good Times!  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

WOW! We had such an awesome service last night! I didn't get in bed till 11:00 p.m. The Holy Ghost was so powerful! I am so excited about what God is doing! Especially knowing that He is using ME, NOW, not sometime in the future. I say it like that because, you know, a lot of times we talk about having a move of God and we know it will happen, but in our minds it is sometime in the future. Maybe next month, next year, or even in a few years. But this time it's NOW!! It's time to "Go Forward" and have a "Breakthrough at Harvest Time!" I believe it is happening and we are going to see opportunities open up to us that will astound us! I get so fired up every time Bro. Ken and Sis. Holly get up and testify about the doors that are being opened up to our church. I believe that God is showing us that if we just walk with Him, He will take care of the rest. I am also really excited about the new areas of outreach that we are starting to do. I have been feeling God calling me in this area, so I know this will be a great opportunity to get out and touch people's lives. As we were driving home last night, Anthony and I were talking and he asked me if I saw Elijah praying for people. I didn't, so he told me a little about it. He said my dad was holding him in the altar area and he would point to someone he wanted to pray for and my dad would take him over to them. He would lay hands on them and pray for them and when he was done he would point to someone else.....Somehow he ended up in Josh Bittler's arms and Josh was the one helping him pray. I thought that was neat! In response to something Madison said, Elijah said " Josh already healed me!" Isn't it funny how kids think! Madison went on to argue that it was God that healed him, not Josh! Well, we tried to explain to her that although the power comes from God, He has given it to us to go heal the sick...So really, we can heal the sick...In Jesus' Name! There have been other times Elijah has prayed for people like that and it always touches my heart because I believe in the faith of a little child! It really fires me up to think about what these children can do for God! I absolutely believe that God is going to use Madison and Elijah in a powerful way. I just pray that He will give me the wisdom to give them the direction they need. I know God will! One last thing, and it's totally off subject......I've lost 20 lbs.!! WooHoo! I haven't done as good on my diet lately, so I was getting frustrated and discouraged and didn't even weigh last week. I decided to face the truth and deal with it! I was glad to see I had lost a couple more pounds since the last time! I am so excited and getting back into the swing of things! I guess I better get off of this computer and go "Walk Away the Pounds" with Leslie Sansone! Hahaha! ~Kristy

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God certainly is doing awesome things! I am surely having a Holy Ghost hangover! But oh how good it feels! And God has surely given us favor. It's time to bring in the harvest and I'm glad you are part of the team!

Thanks Sis. Holly. I am excited about what we are doing!