Madison Loves To Read  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

I am so glad that Madison loves reading! She's always been good at it and now that she's getting older, she is reading more and more. About a week and a half ago Nonna sent some books to Madison. There were two of them and they were chapter books. They weren't very long, maybe about 4-6 chapters, but she read them in no time. So, the next Sunday (which was this past Sunday) she told PawPaw to tell Nonna that she needed some more! The next day Anthony brought home a whole set of books! They are A-Z mystery books, so there's one for every letter of the alphabet. They are written by Ron Roy and they are really cute! Just right for her! She's already read several of them, I don't know how many for sure since she's not even going in order, but she really likes them. I can hardly get her to set them down! She even took four to school with her yesterday so the other four kids in her class had something to read too! We also have a few other sets like "Little House on the Prairie," and then a couple different sets of classic stories, as well. I used to read the "Little House on the Prairie" books to her a long time ago. They were a gift to me from my grandparents, on my Dad's side, when I was probably about nine years old. They are actually really interesting! As far as the classic stories go, she read a couple of those all by herself several months ago! I know one was "The Wizard of Oz." I thought that was really neat. I am so proud of her. I always hoped she would be a good reader, you know...a long time ago when she was a baby! I started reading to her before she was ever born! Maybe it really does make a difference! :) Well, whether or not it makes a difference, I really don't know. I just know she is incredibly smart and probably can be whatever she wants to be when she "grows up!" ~Kristy

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That's wonderful. It must run in the family. Jeremy absolutely LOVES to read. He thinks everyone loves it just as much as he does. hehe He's got me hooked now.

You go Madison! We are proud of you, you smartie pants!! =)

It's probably because she has a really, really good teacher! I bet she has the best in the world! Just kidding. She is a very smart little girl and I love her to pieces!!

Hahaha! Holly you're crazy! She gets it from her mother! Hahah! No really, she does have a great teacher! Thanks, Sis. Holly!

Hey Von,
I do like to read too, but I tend to get hooked on a series and I spend too much time :( so, I try to stay away from it because I know I won't get anything done! I need to work on reading more spiritual stuff!


Hey it's your visitor form Louisiana! I'm glad your posts are in this format now. For some reason I couldn't comment before. Well any way my daughter loves to read and we will be doing a children's book review blog I posted about it on my blog if you are interested. I also added you and your mother to my list of favorite blogs so we can easily navigate back and forth.

Hey! Madison has always been very sharp! She is so smart.

I've never heard of the Ron Roy books before. What are the titles. Sounds like Austin may enjoy them.

I love your new layout. It looks great~Kimi

Kimi, the Ron Roy books that we have are "A to Z Mysteries." The titles are like ..."The Absent Author" "The Bald Bandit".....

Moriah, It's nice to hear from you! I subscribed to your blog, so I check it frequently. I did see your post about the book review. I think that's a neat idea. Madison would probably really enjoy reading that. I'll have to tell her about it.