Elijah's Boo-Boo  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

It seems like Elijah can go from playing and being fine to having some gash on his head/face in no time. If this is how it is with boys, I don't think I'll ever get used to it! He's busted his lip two times really close together (like a week apart), busted his chin wide open on the dining room table (thought I was gonna have to have stitches there for a minute, but thanks to Michelle, we just bandaged him up-sometimes it pays to have a nurse as a friend!), bumps his head all the time (or gets it bumped with some help from his friends), and now this week.....scratches himself right under the eye with the buckle on daddy's belt! Well, through it all, he's a pretty tough guy! AND you can hardly notice the boo boo with his blue eyes shining so bright! ~Kristy

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I don't think boys have a monopoly on the boo-boo department. My daughter has busted her head in the same exact spot on her forehead 6 or 7 times. One of the times was when we were temporarily living with y'all. She had to get stitches that time! P.S. her book review blog is up and running. You can get to it through mine: Flower & Petal's Paper Parade. Tell sis Loretta I said hello.

Hey Miss Riya,

I did check out your daughter's reading blog, but I have yet to show Madison. I need to get around to doing that!