Madison Praying  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Here are some pictures of Madison praying in the altar a couple of weeks ago. Michelle was nice enough to snap a few shots with her phone :) She was so close to getting the Holy Ghost! It won't be long! ~Kristy

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It is so precious when our little children begin to seek after God. They may be young, but they can surely pray to the Almighty God...and He answers them.

Madison is such a special young lady...I love her sooo sooo much!


I remember when our family first started coming to church and how it felt to have the Holy Ghost so close in your life, then the first time I watched a child receive that precious gift it was amazing to see the JOY in their eyes.
I cannot wait to see that JOY in Madisons eyes, she wants it so bad!


That is so absolutely precious!!! That night was so powerful! I know Madison will get the Holy Ghost soon, she is a very special young lady!

Love you Guys!

That is awesome! I love to see children worshiping God. Jenna is still seeking, but I have a feeling she is going to get the
Holy Ghost soon. We'll be praying for your children, please pray for us. P.S. No, we had no idea that our French relatives were in the states.