Finally a pic of the elusive Ted Blotsky  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

I had the opportunity to see Ted this week. It has been a while since our last time to get together. Ted had me to make notes to update the blog with some of his thoughts. (Ted) Well, hello blog reading people I don't know. Anthony wanted me to give him something to post so here goes. I am considering moving from the "Compound". My dog Roscoe wants to move to the country. I am considering either Cullman or Winston county. The only thing is I'm not sure I can sell my old place in Roebuck with all the accouterments I have added. The "Bunker" can be used as a storm shelter but the razor wire around all the windows seems to turn off the family crowd. But, I think I can convince people that the machine gun nest has something to do with paintball. I have heard that Winston county is pretty rural, so I kind of lean that way. I don't like many visitors. And very few people feel comfortable with the standard strip and cavity searches that are a mainstay at the "Compound". As for Roscoe, I think that I need to get him away from my neighbors new dog. It's a Pekingese. I'm pretty sure it's a spy. (Note from Anthony, see Sinophobia) Roscoe has a lot of information about my ops around here, so that is a threat. I have had Roscoe a long while but even Doberman's can be susceptible to espionage. Anyway, if anyone knows of some very rural land, preferably with no road access, let Anthony know. I need it to be surrounded by water on at least 3 sides or have a standard 18 foot wide moat. Also, if anyone knows a paramilitary group needing a new Ops center with close airport access. please contact Anthony. I don't give out my personal information and only talk to strangers through a third party. (Anthony) Well, I'm glad I got another post up of Ted. Please leave a comment to tell him what you think or have real estate info.....Thx, see ya'll later....Anthony

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David Brazeel  

Anthony. I am glad that you finally got a picture of Ted up on here. Will you please tell him that I know where there is a solid 6 Acre plot of land that is heavily wooded and very difficult to get to from any road. It has mountainous cliffs on two sides of it so that would be ideal. It's not surrounded by water, but I WOULD be interested in helping him dig the standard 12 foot moat on the other two sides. It's very cheap land!


Tell Ted I said his picture was awesome. Love the flair.

Excuse my ignorance, but could someone please tell me if this is for real!?! ;-) I'm slightly confused! Well any way....Hello to Lady Alexander and Miss Madison. We pray that all is going well with you. How is the new church coming? Would love to see pics of the progress. P.S. give sister Loretta, sister Alisha/Alicia?, and sister Charlotte a big hug for me.


Hmm, standard 12 foot moat. I thought a standard moat was 13 or 14 feet. O well, any moat is better than no moat, but im sure that all the scenarios call for 13 due to the length of most pole vaults and 14 foot board pressure points. Anyway, Ted, I will lend my hand to dig any size moat. Just let me know if you need to do a background check on me, it may be incomplete due to some family tree trimming.


Wow, i thought i put my name in back there. Previous post was by Tristan.


Ted is from Roebuck AL. He works at the Woodlawn Post Office. I met him when I worked in Woodlawn cleaning carpet. He is a somewhat shell shocked Vietnam vet. He lives alone besides his doberman Roscoe.


Wow!!! Ted looks exactly like I had pictured him in my mind! He must be the best mailman ever --- look at all the flair he earned! hahahaha
- Amy