Madison's new bike  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

Not long ago, Madison went running around on some errands with her daddy and came home with this cool new bike! One of the errands had something to do with meeting Pawpaw and he gave her some money to buy a bicycle. She was so excited! She had been wanting one for a while now since she had outgrown her other bike long ago. She had to try out her new bike as soon as possible, of course, in spite of the rain that day. Not the best day to try out a bike when the only place in the yard to ride a bike is, well, in the yard. Haha! She had just learned how to ride a bike from some friends and was still a little nervous at times, but she was so cute when she did something and was so proud of herself. I was proud of her too! After they bought the bike there was just enough money left to get Elijah a little something too...a new Diego toy! Kristy

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Oh it looks like you guys are having fun!! So cute! Glad to see you back in blogland...maybe with summer here you may be able to do more of that! Love you!