Why Can't It Snow At Christmas?  

Posted by AnthonyAlex

This would have been perfect for Christmas morning! But it's a little late for that now- it's March! I was up early this morning so I took a few pictures of the snow here! I bet my family in Michigan would get a big kick out of us making a big deal about this snow! Well, down here in Alabama 1-2 inches is really something special! I bet the stores are all out of bread and milk! I hope not - I have to go to the store later. I don't know if it's because I am from Michigan or just because snow is so stinkin' pretty, but I do dream of a white Christmas. It just looks so pretty in all my Martha Stewart magazines! Hahaha! What's even funnier is a couple weeks ago I saw somebody in Wal Mart wearing shorts and a tank top and now it's snowing! Winter weather in Alabama is very crazy, isn't it? Well, hope you all enjoy the weather wherever you are! ~Kristy

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I'm bummed we missed the snow. It looks so pretty though. We were in sunny CA with 68 degree weather. =)